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But there are some reasons why is not suitable for you. Maybe because your internet connection does not support such torrenting. The fact that you’re using an emulator to play old games is a reason why you can’t have the need to download games from the web. The emulator that you are using is a type of emulator called a basic emulator.Join us for an afternoon of fun, laughs, music, and a whole lot of learning. We’ll be making new friends, finding new hobbies, and looking for new ways to interact. Whether you’re a veteran or a newbie, our well-rounded group of writers will ensure that everyone has a great time. Register now to reserve your spot at an upcoming event. If you can’t attend a session, you can also get a membership to the DGWU today. Visit the DGWU Membership Page. Today's Guest Author Photo Credit: Paul Q. Adams Hi, I’m Frank H. Mitchell, writer, publisher, editor, and former DGWU Club member and writer in residence. I’m the author of the popular and informative blog, Frank’s Brain. I’ve been doing technical writing since 1995, when my first software company sold its first line of software and I sold a book. More about me. “From the first days when we were joined in our infancy, the two great forces of the universe have been the love of books and the love of learning.” – Mark Twain If you'd like to be a guest author on the DotGuru Writers' University, please email us. ( am replying to the one who asks about "Jaunty jackrabbit" I had asked the question about "Jaunty jackrabbit", and this was the answer that I received "One of the most fun distro I have ever used" Its a very nice feeling to have the most fun distro when it comes to... I have tried out Jaunty on a virtual machine and was very impressed with it. It has updated the desktop more than a few times and is very usable. The only thing I'd change is its name to just Ubuntu. The word Jackrabbit is not a positive...Q: Executing shell script from code takes long time I am creating a c++




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